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SubZero Aisle Containment Systems

Data Center Containment

Data center cooling represents up to 50% of overall energy consumption.



What is Data Center Containment?

Data center containment fully separates the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air.

This simple separation creates a uniform and predictable supply temperature to the intake of IT equipment as well as a warmer, dryier return air to the AC coil.

Hot aisle and cold aisle containment is a primary way leading businesses today help reduce the use of energy and optimize their equipment's performance within their data center. Adopting a cold and/or hot aisle containment solution increases air efficiencies allowing a significant reduction of cold air supply translating to increased up-times, longer hardware life and valuable energy savings.

Containment Benefits

• Reduced Energy Consumption
• Increased Cooling Capacity
• Increased Rack Population
• Consistent Acceptable Supply to IT Intake
• More Power Available for IT Equipment
• Increased Equipment Up-time
• Longer Hardware Life


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