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Maintenance Products


• TriboShield ESD Carpet Treatment 

This water-based solution can be applied to any fabric surface or material and provides excellent dry soil and stain resistance. TriboShield can be applied with a convenient trigger spray applicator to make application to small carpeted areas and fabric chairs a breeze or with a standard pressurized sprayer. TriboShield is easy to use and can be reapplied as needed. Available in one gallon concentrated form (1,200 sq. ft. coverage) or ready-to-use quart size (25 sq. ft. coverage). 

• Floor Stripper & Degreaser 

StaticWorx Degreaser rapidly dissolves multiple layers of floor finish, allowing in some applications for removal without the use of floor machines or stripping pads. 

• Triboclean Anti Static Floor Cleaner 

StaticWorx TriboClean is specifically designed for use in maintenance programs whose goal is to reduce static electricity buildup and increase the conductivity of surfaces in areas where sensitive electronic components are being used or manufactured. 

• Anti Static Spray Buff 

An integral component of a conductive maintenance program, StaticWorx Buff is designed to extend the static dissipating qualities of StaticWorx Coat, as well as restore the gloss and enhance the appearance of conductive flooring surfaces. Its inherent static-dissipating properties make StaticWorx Buff ideal for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone substations, or any other area where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration.

Incorporation of StaticWorx Buff into a conductive flooring maintenance program will extend the period of time between stripping and recoating procedures, saving labor and money. 


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